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There is a secret to CLEP examinations, and it’s this: people who don’t prepare for the test usually don’t do very well. Even if you have plenty of personal experience with a particular subject, what you know may not be the sorts of things that the tests actually ask about. This is why we recommend our study guides even to those who are confident in their knowledge of the subject. However, there are other ways that you can prepare for the exams as well, and the highlight of these is the practice test.

About our Practice Tests

Just like the real tests, our practice tests change regularly as topics come and go. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is the fact that if you take the same test too many times, you’ll expect the questions and have a better idea about the answers. While this sort of thing may sound convenient for a real test, it’s not very practical if you’re seriously trying to test your skills and make sure that you’ll be able to pass the real exam on your first try.

We know that our tests don’t perfectly match the content you’ll see on the test… but that’s only to be expected when an exam varies up the questions even within the same room in order to help thwart creative cheaters. Our 98% rate of passing speaks for itself in terms of how well our practice tests can help prepare you, though.
At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to each of the subjects currently offered by Clep Study Guides. More will be added in as our offerings grow, but even if you feel comfortable just studying the material instead of taking any form of practice test, you may want to examine the questions and see how the tests work to get a little more comfortable with the overall style.
Clep Study Guides does not currently offer practice essays.

Tests Included with Study Guides

Beyond the links at the bottom of this page, Clep Study Guides has included a mock exam and sample questions with each and every one of the various study guides we offer. This is part of our commitment to helping as many students pass the CLEP exams as possible, and while we cannot guarantee that any particular question will be on the test, we’re confident that our mock exams are suitable for helping you understand exactly where you’re at in terms of being prepared for the test. If you can pass our test, then you will almost certainly be able to pass the official exam as well. Don’t waste your time stressing out about how prepared you are when you can find out in only a few minutes through our practice tests!

Reviewing the Material

The two best methods of obtaining the information needed for passing a CLEP test are taking the actual course (which defeats the entire purpose of CLEP) and reviewing a study guide. There is literally no method more effective at helping you prepare than a condensed guide that will help you learn exactly the material you actually need to learn. Nobody expects you to memorize a textbook; in fact, as it stands, the ability to find information in a standard textbook is generally more important than the ability to remember too much of that. We’ve taken the opposite approach with our study guides because of the simple fact that everything in our guides matters. We’re not wasting your time with content that isn’t going to help you pass your tests. In fact, you may even want to memorize our study guides cover-to-cover and ask a friend or family member to quiz you by randomly selecting questions from around the guide. Breaking the idea of the questions being in some form of order is often beneficial to recollection and allows you to focus on the questions individually instead of as part of a group.

While some people may have a suggested method for review and memorization, all we really ask is that whatever method you use, do it seriously. We’ve made your studying process as quick and as easy as it’s going to get, but in the end, you’re the only one who will be able to actually study the material and sit down for your test.

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Other Techniques

How else can you prepare for our practice tests? Many students often find that there are things they can do to help motivate themselves and improve their concentration. Consider some of the following ideas to help prepare for both your practice tests and the real ones.

Create Your Own Test

Or have somebody create it for you, at least. Ask them to write up some of the questions from the book and include a selection of realistic answers in multiple-choice format (as will be on the actual test), then have them print it off and grade it when you’re done. This technique offers the benefit of being exceptionally random, just like your real test will, and the only method you’ll have for preparation is being thoroughly familiar with all of the material. However, if you know the answers, you should have no difficulty with this test regardless of how the questions are mixed up.

Play a Game with the Material

Just sitting down for a test can be a little boring, so if you’d prefer to lighten things up, create some sort of game or quiz. For example, if you can answer seven out of ten questions correctly when someone else reads them to you, you can reward yourself with a small dessert. If you are preparing for CLEP tests as part of a larger group, the first one to get a question wrong as the study guide is passed around has to drop out, while the winner gets the rights to the TV for the evening. There are as many options for this kind of thing as there are people, so figure out what works for you!

Having some method of reward will often help, however, as something to motivate you to work hard.

Write the Questions and Answers

One technique to help you remember things is to actually write it down yourself; this forces your brain to process the question and links the answer to it through physical movement. Depending on your overall studying ability, you may not need to do anything like this, but writing something down multiple times can be a great way to help remember an unusually difficult question. Write down the question and answer pair ten or twenty times a day for several days straight and you probably won’t have any difficulty remembering the answer on test day.

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Online Practice Tests

The following are the online practice tests currently available from Clep Study Guides. The formats are simple and the answers are at the end of the document; just write down your answers as you go and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to get a rough estimation of how prepared you are for your CLEP exam.