Introduction to Psychology CLEP Study Guide

See if this isn’t familiar: As you are thumbing through the course selections for next term you find a class you’d like to take that sounds interesting and fits into your major but it is only offered once a year; then you see the dreaded “Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology”.
Psychology is not your thing. It’s not what you came to college for but the school requires Introduction to Psychology before you can move on. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’d love to just bypass the system and get on with your life. So why not test out?!?

Everything you need to pass the CLEP Test for Introduction to Psychology is right in the Introduction to Psychology CLEP Study Guide that we offer – GUARANTEED! Anybody – YOU – should be able to pass the test to opt out of Introduction to Psychology with a little preparation, even if Psychology is a tough subject for you, just by studying this guide. We’ve also included a practice test in the study guide to help you prepare for the real thing!

Study Guide Specifications
Type of Exam: Recommended Credit:
CLEP 3 hours

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